Escape from the Secret Lab: A Mad Musical Gameshow Where YOU Decide the Outcome!

Do you want a livestream that is more than just passive viewing? Do you want to take part in a mad gameshow where you can watch amazing bands, win prizes, and determine the outcome of the show?

Enter: Escape from the Secret Lab, from the mad scientists at the Consortium of Genius (C.O.G).

Escape from the Secret Lab streams every Friday night at 8 pm Central and provides a platform to showcase a wide range of artists spanning metal, soul, punk, country, and more. Every week, the Mad Scientist in Chief, Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III, captures a band and forces them to play music in order to win their freedom!

A Gameshow Where You Can Win Prizes and Determine the Fate of the Band

Throughout the show, both the captured band and the Secret Lab are awarded points based on donations from the audience. If you want to see the band escape and regain their freedom, you can donate to them. If, however, you want to see the performers meet an untimely (but creative) demise, you can send your donation to the Secret Lab.

The audience is encouraged to donate for a chance to win great Science-Approved™ prizes! Audience participation can get heated, but a good deal of the enjoyment comes from knowing that those donations are going to help out musicians who may have lost tours and gigs at venues during the pandemic.

It’s All Fun and Games Until… (actually, it’s all fun and games)

While live performances, audience participation, and prizes are enough to hook most people, that’s just a portion of the overstuffed bag of tricks Escape from the Secret Lab has in store! You will also experience music videos from the Consortium of Genius, C.O.G.-created propaganda ads promoting Mad Science™ and Evil Genius™, as well as a chance to watch bands compete in the Arcade Room of Digital Doom – where musicians face-off against Dr. Pinkerton himself by playing classic video games for bonus points.

You can find Escape from the Secret Lab on Facebook, YouTube, and wherever else Mad Science™ and mayhem reign!

Tune in this Friday at 8 pm Central to watch Escape from the Secret Lab. It will quickly become your new favorite livestream! 

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