The CARES Act for Workers & Businesses in New Orleans

In our first episode, we go through the CARES Act, and how people in New Orleans can access the funding they need to get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This episode is for employees who have been furloughed or laid off, freelancers, gig workers, and small business owners in the Crescent City.

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Louisiana Workforce Commission:

Unemployment Assistance for Freelancers:…ance-for-freelancers/

SBA Relief and Recovery/Paycheck Protection Program:

The Axeman Part III: Going West!

In our final installment on the Axeman, we look at his murders after his cooling-off period, an alleged German spy, and what ultimately happened to the killer.

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The Tomb of Nick Cage:

The Axeman of New Orleans:

The Axeman Part II: 30 Hours to Die

In our second part of our series on The Axeman, we take a look at possible motives for the killings, the state of forensics in 1911, and the Axeman’s third set of victims.


Twitter: @MothballShow

The Axeman of New Orleans: The True Story:…ory/dp/161374868X


Viral Music – Because Kindness Is Contagious:

New Orleans Bartender Tip Party:

Financial relief for New Orleans employees and businesses:…-6711f30aa99e.html…ff-survival-fund

The Rougarou

In our very first episode, we take a look at the legendary Rougarou of Louisiana, its ties to European werewolves, and how the Rougarou fits in with Catholic mythology.

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Across the Universe:…les/dp/1515423956

Rougarou – The Tomb of Nick Cage:

Gwyndyn T. Alexander:




How’s Yer Mom an’ Dem?

As we get things set up in the studio, we’ve been trying to think about what topics you’d like to read about and hear us cover on our podcasts. Some of the things we’ve been mulling over are:

  • Interviews with local musicians and artists
  • Local writers and poets
  • Crowdfunding scams
  • Tips for NOLA businesses
  • Paranormal/cryptozoology/UFOs in the New Orleans area
  • True crime in New Orleans
  • Deep dives into historical events involving New Orleans

If you have a specific story you want to tell or want to hear on our podcasts, or want to be interviewed on one of our shows, just send us an email to with “stories” in the subject line and someone will respond within 24 hours.